The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.

4 stars for philip’s songbird


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Seriously! Whats could be next worse ?

Life is an experience . small or big. exciting or dull. happy or sad. Its going to help you develop your attitude towards life , help you make better decisions in your life, help you mature, help you to move on and not to whine . 

Smiling when you hit the bottom of the life is difficult but its some attitude .!! 
Well, hitting bottom is good in a way , the only way aftermath is way UP …
Smilesss >>>>>
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Why take in soo much grudge, when there is an option ???? !

So whats this ? Why am i even worried abt something thats too much for me to take ???
This is really driving me mad.. Real Mad ?
Everyone in this world want things to be done for their own sake . but blindly ???
Can i compromise my health, my interest, my happiness for sake of someone whose’s not planning well . There is always always an option. What we need is a little pondering, down our minds.
Why should I compromise my being for something of torture, when there is always an alternative option. A second path. But How much miserable it is, one can count for experience our life bestows upon us.
All one want is passion and self confidence for happiness in our doings and not compromises when we have already done enough !!!!!!!!


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Just watched Breaking Dawn  movie

Super like  . loved it !!!!!!

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Heart 2 Heart


Last week as a whole was like a trance for me. Like something was holding me up . My heart was else where for my mind to put in !

Finally i was freed when i turned over last of the pages of “Inheritance” book by Christopher Paolini .

Loved it . Hated it. Disappointed over it. Cried over it.

The book was like all of the emotions put together . Mixed . But i think that’s what all author wants their readers to experience .

Loved the beautiful portrayal of Nasuada-Murtagh’s not-so-happy-ending romance  🙂

Hated that Arya and Eragon didnt make it to happily-ever-after  😦

Disappointed over Galbatorix’s portrayal of power.Expected more  😦

Cried over when Eragon had to leave to Alagesia 😦

But sure it was nice read 😀

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Beautifully Blue

Beautifully Blue

This is my fav canvass … now decor-ing  my bedroom 🙂

I love it.

Then, i wanted something like variation of a colour. And what’s better than blue. Midnight Blue. One of my fav’ colour.

And i thought, why not ? That was how this canvas happened .

This is a real imprint of beach waters on a full moon night 🙂

Location : Elliots Beach , Chennai.

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to be true …

It is always too good to be true, they say .

I only wish.

Life’s too fast, too rocky, too sad or too happy for you to make a mark , hard fist .

I only wish…

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