The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.

Heart 2 Heart


Last week as a whole was like a trance for me. Like something was holding me up . My heart was else where for my mind to put in !

Finally i was freed when i turned over last of the pages of “Inheritance” book by Christopher Paolini .

Loved it . Hated it. Disappointed over it. Cried over it.

The book was like all of the emotions put together . Mixed . But i think that’s what all author wants their readers to experience .

Loved the beautiful portrayal of Nasuada-Murtagh’s not-so-happy-ending romance  🙂

Hated that Arya and Eragon didnt make it to happily-ever-after  😦

Disappointed over Galbatorix’s portrayal of power.Expected more  😦

Cried over when Eragon had to leave to Alagesia 😦

But sure it was nice read 😀

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Beautifully Blue

Beautifully Blue

This is my fav canvass … now decor-ing  my bedroom 🙂

I love it.

Then, i wanted something like variation of a colour. And what’s better than blue. Midnight Blue. One of my fav’ colour.

And i thought, why not ? That was how this canvas happened .

This is a real imprint of beach waters on a full moon night 🙂

Location : Elliots Beach , Chennai.

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